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Permanent laser hair removal in Frankfurt & Wiesbaden

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Sarah Matmeh
Sarah Matmeh
A bit pricy but service is good and advanced pain-free technology is used for LASER Hair removal.
Jana Luhn
Jana Luhn
Sehr freundlich, keine/kaum Wartezeit wenn man pünktlich ist und immer professionelles Auftreten. Bisher gab es auch am Ergebnis nie etwas zu auszusetzen.
Isabell Derucki
Isabell Derucki
Es hilft! Habe schon unzählige IPL Behandlungen hinter mir. Ohne Erfolg. Einmal den Laser probiert, und die ersten Ergebnisse haben mich wirklich überzeugt... Danke an das tolle und wahnsinnig freundliche Team.
Ilaria Borelli
Ilaria Borelli
Bin schon seit Jahren hier Kunde und kann es nur weiterempfehlen. Natürlich wird kein Wunder versprochen und das finde ich auch gut und professionell. Mittlerweile muss ich die Behandlung nur 2 oder 3 Mal im Jahr machen. Ist einfach super! Die Mitarbeiter sind auch alle professionell aber immer nett und man kann immer ein nettes Gespräch zur Behandlung machen. Noch ein Plus für mich: das online buchen der Termine. Für mich sehr bequem.
Sehr nettes und professionelles Team. Man fühlt sich sehr gut aufgehoben. 100% Empfehlung
Jelena Lukic
Jelena Lukic
Schon zum dritten Mal dort gewesen...jedes Mal von jemand anderem behandelt worden, da es mir auch egal war. Und alle 3 Damen waren sehr nett und kometent gewesen, genauso wie die Beratung zu beginn. Meine Freundin ist auch da in Behandlung und wir können es nur empfehlen.
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The duration of a treatment session depends on the size of the body region to be treated. A treatment of the upper lip takes about ten minutes. You should expect to spend around an hour per session for the treatment of the legs

The life cycle of a hair is divided into three phases: growth phase, transition period and resting phase. Only hair that is in the anagen phase (growth phase), i.e. around 20 to 30 percent of all hair, can be treated. After about six to eight weeks, another part of your hair roots will become active and can now be treated. For this reason, several treatments are necessary to permanently remove as much hair as possible

With the modern Alexandrite laser, YAG and diode laser and the IPL ellipse systems, we have a variety of treatment options available to us in the medical and laser center for all hair and skin types. After prior consultation and a detailed examination, we can select the right treatment procedure for you and create your idividual treatment concept. Most northern and southern European types can be treated with the Alexandrite laser. For darker skin types with very deep hair, we recommend treatment with the YAG laser, which was developed specifically for dark skin types. In general, the ideal conditions for all treatment procedures are light skin and dark hair. Very blonde or gray hair cannot be removed using the laser or IPL method because the hair lacks the pigment melanin. For lighter hair or very dark skin, we recommend a trial treatment to test the effectiveness and effectiveness of the procedure as well as the reaction of the skin and hair.

The costs depend on the size of the area to be treated. For larger tattoos, we will be happy to give you an individual cost estimate before treatment begins. As a rule, you pay per treatment, but the doctors and laser centers in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden also offer reduced-price treatment packages.

Avoid the blazing sun and visits to the solarium for some time before the treatment begins. If the skin is pale, the risk of pigmentation disorders resulting from the treatment is minimal. Some medicines can significantly increase sensitivity to light. Please let us know if you regularly take medication.

The treatment process for scar removal is that we first have a personal consultation with you in order to get to know you better and know exactly what to expect. In this conversation you will be informed about all the steps of the treatment and what you need to consider before and after the treatment. If you have decided to have the treatment carried out, you will be applied with an anesthetic cream an hour before your treatment. This means the treatment is not as painful for you. After these steps, your treatment begins.


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